About Us

Assalamu'alaikum muslimah..

We are a moslem fashion designer that started to establish our own boutique brand in 2014 namely Meeta fashion that aiming to facilitate idealism and good tastes in moslem fashion that combined glamore, up to date, feminine look, and clean cut modest fashion.
We see muslimah who wear our product as an independent woman that knows fashion is their statement of beauty should come from their heart not the look.
Our vision is to be the best Indonesia moslem fashion company and accepted in International Fashion Market.
Our mission is to provide a ready to wear fashion with best quality fabrics and happily design everlasting fashion with our heart.
My designs are sewed and patterned with precision, custom made and the most important thing is made with love and care to each products.
You can reach our products in our store or through our online boutique at www.meetafashion.com.
Enjoy your experience with Meeta Fashion!


Indonesia Muslim Fashion Designer


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